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Las Vegas May Be the Second City to Allow Cannabis Clubs

sincityvip Inside Las Vegas

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada, Las Vegas has fully embraced marijuana culture.  Whether you call them cannabis lounges, cannabis clubs, or marijuana social lounges, clubs where people can gather and smoke pot outside of their houses are going to be the next big thing to hit Sin City.  If lawmakers allow cannabis clubs in Las Vegas, it would be the second city in the nation to do so—after Denver.

While getting high and watching TV at home may be entertaining, it doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities to meet and interact with other people.  Casinos and hotels don’t allow the consumption of marijuana on their properties, and state law bans public consumption. Many Las Vegas visitors are left with nowhere to consume the marijuana they purchase at a dispensary; cannabis clubs aim to change that.

Initiative 300 legalized consumption spaces in Colorado, which is serving as the model for Nevada, which has taken the “wait and watch” approach to consumption spaces.  Nevada lawmakers are waiting to see what happens in Colorado before deciding to move ahead with cannabis clubs, which they have decided to revisit in 2019.

Currently, Paint and Puff has the only consumption license in all of Nevada.  Paint and Puff, which fits 50 to 60 people, is located on Western Avenue. Like wine paint nights, Paint and Puff offers the opportunity to create masterpieces while enjoying a night out.  When customers come in and pay for a painting class, Paint and Puff provides a CBD cartridge and CBD pen—the cartridge is yours to take home. Beyond painting classes, they also offer a video game room and a yoga lounge.  The owners clearly know stoners well, because besides giving their customers video games and the opportunity for enlightenment through yoga, they even have a snack shack for people who get the munchies.

There is, however, one caveat: Paint and Puff only has a license for the consumption of CBD, not THC.  Paint and Puff sells vape pens, pipes, CBD joints, and edibles.

Paint and Puff hopes to be able to offer its customers THC in the near future.  Tabitha and Tyrone Thompson, of Paint and Puff, told Fox 5 KVVU-TV in Las Vegas, “If the city gives us the thumbs up, we’re ready to go.”  Cannabis consultant Jason Sturtsman told Fox 5, “This is going to be the first social lounge in all of the state of Nevada, because, as you can see, they are ready to go.”

Las Vegas tourists and locals alike are hopeful that 2019 will bring cannabis clubs to the Valley.  When marijuana clubs are finally legalized, Sin City will be able to offer its visitors an experience they aren’t likely to get any time soon at home.