UFC Fight Week 2018 Las Vegas

UFC Fight Weekend

If you want to watch your favorite heavyweight and welterweight fighters on the largest stage in the sport of UFC, then planning a UFC Fight Weekend in Las Vegas is the best way to enjoy a Pay-Per-View fight night in style! We at Sin City VIP specialize in VIP services for every Ultimate Fighting Championship event, so if you want to have the greatest viewing experience we can help.

Plan Ahead!!!

Our professional party planners make it easy to plan a night on the Vegas Strip or a customized Las Vegas experience.

There are so many venues to choose from if you want to be able to view the entire premiere fights while having non-stop entertainment close by throughout the event. Hey, you’ll be in Vegas, the home of T-Mobile Arena, MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay where multiple UFC events take place every year, so if you really want to take your Vegas UFC party to the next level you could get a package to include tickets to an actual live event! The MGM Grand is the hottest arena for Ultimate Fighting and MMA fights so getting your tickets and passes can be tough unless you reserve your tickets well in advance. We at Sin City VIP can help you customize UFC package deals to include either tickets to the big event, a reserved private room or seating at an excellent venue to watch the Pay-Per-View, limo service for transportation, bottle and refreshment treatments, and several other luxuries to make your night that much more memorable.

Strip Club Crawl: $60 per person

Strip Club Crawl – Includes Limo, VIP Entry & Drink Tickets at 3 Top Vegas Strip Clubs!

The VIP industry is at its best in the Entertainment Capital of the World, so it’s no wonder that spending a night like a high-roller and doing it in first-class fashion is sought after by so many when planning a night to watch the heavyweight showdowns in the UFC. With our VIP packages you could be hitting the pool parties, club parties or large cookouts just set up strictly for UFC party goers during the day and night of the Big Event. Of course these cookouts and parties will cater to the VIP guests who carry some weight when it comes to getting the best of the food, drinks, and other special treatments, so why not make the VIP experience cater to you and your friends!

Let Sin City VIP work with you and your group of UFC fans so we can put together an all inclusive UFC package deal. Think tickets to the MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay, transportation to and from the party, special discounts and passes and many other amenities and luxuries to make your night at the fights a more than grand experience!

Sin City VIP offer the best Sports Viewing Parties in Las Vegas for all major sporting events!