Wet Republic Pool

There should be no questions about reserving a spot at Wet Republic if you are entertaining the thought of a Vegas poolside VIP experience. Wet Republic is an entirely different environment than any poolside destination you have ever been to. The atmosphere is right for any personality, the music is always upbeat, and service at this desert oasis has its own standard of excellence.

Wet Republic is located at the MGM Grand and with an area covering over 53,000 square feet this pool party area is quite grand by itself. The place is crawling with hot bodies, both male and female, because of its 1,600 person capacity limit. If you like to mingle and get your drink on while enjoying a cool dip in the water then this is the place for you.

Don’t forget the suntan lotion because there are numerous options for lying out and catching some of the hot Vegas rays at Wet Republic. From private cabanas, VIP bungalows, relaxing daybeds, and comfy chaise lounges accommodations can be made for an individual or group getaway. Our Las Vegas pool party packages can include the full array of VIP treatments at Wet Republic including but not limited to premium bottle services, a spot at one of the six private bungalows or poolside cabanas, limo service to and from the pool and other options.

So what about those private bungalows and cabanas? Well glad you asked because the cabanas surround the over 6,000 square feet of pools and provide a perfect escape from the hot sun. So when it’s time to take a break from the pool itself you won’t have to go too far to get some cool shade. Oh, and the private bungalows? Yep they are furnished for relaxing and come complete with refrigerators, flat-screen TV sets, game consoles, and a private spa and bathroom.

The music being played is being pumped out through a state-of-the-art sound system which easily gets the large crowds loosened up for a great pool club experience. The sounds are being spun by some of the top DJs such as DJ Hollywood and Tony Arzadon along with sometimes special big-name Disc Jockeys for special events. The mix includes house samples, hip-hop and of course the traditional yet popular club mixes.

We mentioned getting your drink on and if you decide to step up to the bar area you’ll find it’s a great area to not only catch some shade but also strike up a conversation with the other pool partiers. The bar runs almost the full length of the pool itself and is aligned with flat-screens so you can always catch different scores to the big games. If you get hungry while lying out in the sun and dipping into the salt-water pools keep in mind that Wet Republic has a dedicated kitchen to help serve you with quality cooked food and treats.

If Wet Republic sounds like a destination in the sun that’s perfect for your Vegas pool party package then contact us at Sin City VIP today and we’ll get everything arranged for you. All you have to do is relax, get a tan, enjoy the company of friends and be served by the many gorgeous bikini-dressed models wandering the grounds of the unique atmosphere that is Wet Republic.

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