10 Rules for Taking Your Girlfriend to the Strip Club

10 Rules for Taking Your Girlfriend to the Strip Club

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When it comes to taking your girlfriend to the strip club, a little common sense and planning can go a long way. You want to make sure she has a good time, which means making sure you don’t confirm her worst suspicions. People who are strip club virgins have a lot of assumptions about what a strip club is—seedy, dirty, expensive—and you don’t want to fulfill them, or you’ll never be allowed to tag along on another boys’ night or bachelor party again if you don’t play it right.

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1.) Realistically evaluate whether your girlfriend is a good candidate for going to a strip club. Is she insecure about her weight? Are the girls going to make her feel worse about herself, and will she accuse you of really wanting to be with a girl like Chastity or Naomi, instead of a girl like her? Is she jealous? Does she really want to go, or does she just want to spy on you? If your girlfriend isn’t going to be cool with the experience, don’t do it, no matter how fun it sounds or how hopeful you are that it will make her more okay with you going to a strip club with your buddies in the future. It could have the opposite effect.

2.) Try to pick a club that isn’t too close to home. Your girlfriend will let her hair down more if she’s not afraid of running into someone she knows.

3.) Don’t take her somewhere expensive. If you know that a club is going to be pricey, find somewhere that is reasonably priced and isn’t all about bottle service. Let your girlfriend be the one to spend the money. Give her a stack of ones, buy her a dance, but whatever you do, don’t buy a dance for yourself or get an expensive bottle, unless she decides to get one.

4.) Before you get a dance for the two of you as a couple, make sure she likes the experience first. There is nothing worse than her getting jealous halfway through and making a scene, or, worse, giving you the silent treatment in the car on the way home. Buy her a dance, let her experience it on her own, and, if she loved it, get a dance for the two of you. As long as you introduce it the right way, it can get the two of you in the mood for later.

5.) Don’t take her somewhere that is too dark. Do your research, whether it is asking friends or taking a peek at interior shots of the club online. A dark club equals creepy. A dark club gives the impression that there is something to hide. A dark club also facilitates dirtier dances, which, if your girlfriend catches sight of one—even if it’s not you receiving it—she will assume that that is what you are getting every time you go to the strip club on your own, even if your hometown’s club is way cleaner than the clubs in Vegas.

6.) Consider taking your girlfriend to a topless club, instead of a fully nude club. She may like motor-boating boobs, but she probably doesn’t want to see it all.

7.) Pick a club that has an active stage and, if possible, girls who are great on the pole. Your girlfriend is going to spend most of her time at the stage, so you want to go somewhere that is a little livelier than the clubs where the stage is just a formality and the real action is in VIP. She’ll have more fun with her stack of ones, and she’ll love watching death drops on the pole or acrobatic pole tricks.

8.) Don’t force your girlfriend to put ones in her cleavage, between her legs, or in her mouth. You may suggest it—because it’s a lot of fun—but don’t push her.

9.) Ask friends about their experiences at different clubs. Don’t choose somewhere where the girls are too pushy. It will just turn your girlfriend off. Friendly dancers equal a friendlier experience for everyone. Your girlfriend is going to feel a lot better if she gets special attention. Consider privately tipping a few dancers to chat with your girlfriend or pay attention to her.

10.) Go on a night that the club has hired a feature dancer. Feature dancers have more fun sets, and they often have themes and props. The more fun there is on the stage, the more fun your girlfriend will have.

At the end of the day, try to have fun with the experience. Make sure your girlfriend is the real star of the show, and that you and the dancers make her the center of attention. She’ll walk away feeling good about the experience, and it may even turn into something you two like to do together once in awhile.

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