Vegas Hookup

7 Tips for Making the Vegas Hookup of Your Fantasies a Reality

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So, you’ve binge-watched The Hangover movies and you’re ready for your own Hangover experience. You want to go to Sin City to have the experience of a lifetime, including gambling, nightlife, and, of course, a Vegas hookup.
When it comes to Vegas hookups, it’s important to remember the rules aren’t the same as they are at home. You’re not looking for a relationship, so don’t treat your approach the same way you would at home. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, there are a few guidelines to follow to increase your chances of living out your fantasy hookup:

7 Tips for Making the Vegas Hookup of Your Fantasies a Reality

  1. Get a room with a view. The name of the game is getting your potential hookup back to your room. Everything starts from here. Remember it’s easiest to play where you stay, so start by thinking about which nightclubs you want to find hookups at and stay at the hotel with the spot of your choice. Get a room with a view, so you can suggest your potential hookup come back to your room to see the view of the city.
  2. Be Prepared. Set up your lube and protection where it will be easily accessible. There’s nothing to ruin reckless, spontaneous sex like having to interrupt it. The fantasy does not involve stopping in the middle to hunt for lube in your toiletry bag.
  3. Follow the signs of the gambling gods. Let the tables be your guide. When you’re hot, you’re hot. Enjoy your winnings and ride your hot streak from the tables to let your confidence shine through the club. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your gambling winnings, you’re in Vegas!
  4. Be a VIP—get bottle service. Getting bottle service improves your chance of hooking up exponentially. If you’re a guy, girls will want somewhere to sit and get off their high heels, and you can provide that. While you have them there, you can turn on the charm over a few drinks.
    • If you’re a girl, remember you’re not going to look very sexy limping when your heels get uncomfortable. Bottle service is a great excuse to invite someone you’re dancing with back to the table to continue the fun.
  5. Identify who’s Interested. Time is of the essence. It is important to focus your efforts—after all, you only have a few days to make your Vegas hookup happen. You’re looking for the person who came to Vegas to live out their fantasies in one wild weekend of boozing, hookups, and gambling.
    • A warning to men: the girl who came along because her friend was having a bachelorette party and she got dragged along is not your girl. She may be easier to approach because she’s sitting alone, but remember, it is going nowhere. This girl may be a worthwhile effort at home, where you can develop a relationship, but in Vegas, you’re not looking for marriage material—you’re looking to get lucky.
    • If someone is drinking water, it’s clear they’re not looking for reckless fun in Vegas—water is neither reckless nor fun. If someone is wearing their wedding ring, they didn’t come to play.
  6. Cannabis nightcap. Recreational marijuana has made Vegas a lot more fun. You can end the night with a cannabis nightcap to relax the two of you and get you in the mood. It’s a great option for the end of the night, because if you’ve hit your drink limit, turning sloppy drunk is never a sexy look. Plus, you’ll be less likely to be hungover when you make your exit in the morning.
  7. Keep trying. If you get rejected, get over it and move on.

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Remember that while there are few rules in Vegas, there are still some rules. Be respectful of the men or women you meet at the tables and in the clubs, and don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. Everyone is here living out their Vegas fantasy—their Vegas fantasy may not include aggressive or continued advances. And, of course, make sure that you have safe sex.