Travel Packages

Las Vegas Travel PackagesWhen planning your upcoming Las Vegas travel event you can rest assured that booking an All Inclusive Vacation Travel Package with Sin City VIP will benefit your group in the areas of ease of planning, cost efficiency and quality customer service. Our travel professionals can assist in planning any and all aspects of your vacation package, featuring venues that are chosen specifically for your group and based on your interests.

An All Inclusive Vacation Package from Sin City VIP can include air, hotel, transportation, entertainment, personal concierge service and more. Your group will receive first class service throughout your entire experience with Sin City VIP; from planning to check-out. It is our goal to prepare a vacation package that is custom tailored to meet the needs and wants of your group and to do so in a cost effective manner.

Booking an All Inclusive Vacation Package with Sin City VIP allows your group to take advantage of the numerous benefits associated with planning your travel event with a professional destination management company. Our travel professionals are always in tune with the latest and greatest venues in Las Vegas, offering suggestions or accommodating specific requests if you already have certain venues in mind. Additionally your group will benefit from our buying power as we deal with these venues in volume and can often times offer you a better price than if you were to contact the venue direct. Another advantage of booking an all inclusive package is the fact that you only have to deal with one invoice and one payment. Your vacation package will be broken down for you to analyze and your payment to Sin City VIP will take care of everything that you need.

In addition to the above outlined advantages Sin City VIP prides itself on delivering World Class Service in Destination Management. We are certain that the service you receive throughout the planning of your event as well as the personal concierge service available to your group throughout your vacation will be remembered by everyone in your group as the kind of service that can only be provided by a true professional organization that truly cares about the experience of their clients.

Plan Ahead!!!

Our professional party planners make it easy to plan a night on the Vegas Strip or a customized Las Vegas experience.

Let Sin City VIP work with your group to prepare the perfect itinerary for your upcoming travel event and enjoy the luxury of an All Inclusive Vacation Package from Sin City VIP Executive Services.

Group Sales

Planning a Las Vegas travel program for a large group is a great opportunity to receive preferential treatment throughout your stay, both in terms of service and pricing. Unfortunately, this is often times not the case and the whole process becomes overwhelming to the planner. The travel professionals at Sin City VIP work closely with each client to understand their needs and expectations. From there we can assist you in contacting, negotiating and ultimately contracting with Group Sales personnel for hotel, transportation, meeting space and more.

As a premier event management company in Las Vegas, Sin City VIP negotiates group sales contracts with travel and tourism vendors on a regular basis. Not only do our clients benefit from our experience and industry contacts, our clients also benefit from our buying power. Sin City VIP maximizes your group sales contract by negotiating the best possible rates, upgrades and rebates.

Many of our clients had initially attempted to deal directly with group sales departments only to be taken advantage of and pushed around, not receiving the service or the pricing structure that Sin City VIP is proud to provide. We understand that most large groups have an internal planner and we offer our services as a liaison between your group’s planner and the ruthless group sales departments out to maximize their end of the contract.

It is strongly advised that you consult with a Sin City VIP travel professional before initiating direct contact with the group sales department of the hotel or venue that you are considering. Let us give you an understanding of what they are willing to offer you and how far they are willing to go based on the size and scope of your group. Remember, you are planning the travel for a large group which means you hold the cards. Sin City VIP will be more than happy to work with you throughout the process to ensure that you receive the service and benefits that you deserve.

Special Events

No matter if you are planning a special event for leisure or business, the travel professionals at Sin City VIP can assist in creating a successful and memorable experience that exceeds expectations. Take advantage of our Las Vegas event planning experience and creativity and enjoy the comfort of having your special event planned to meet your specifications all the while receiving the World Class Service that Sin City VIP is known for.

Special Events come in many shapes and sizes. Sin City VIP can assist in a wide variety of areas across many types of events. No matter if you are planning a Birthday Party, Wedding Party, Reunion, Golf Tournament, Anniversary, Sports Weekend, etc., Sin City VIP can plan the perfect event and make sure everything goes as smooth as you could imagine.

Some of the services that we can provide include hotel, transportation, entertainment, concierge service and much more. Sin City VIP will create a custom package for your event and provide on-site service to ensure that everything is executed properly. Often times clients choose to take it upon themselves to plan a special event in Las Vegas and their experience ends up being quite limited. Involving a travel professional allows the client to provide their input and vision as to what the event will entail without the stress and pressure of planning it themselves and not finding the best venues or receiving the best pricing.

Sin City VIP is a professional travel organization that is experienced in all aspects of event planning. Additionally, Sin City VIP maintains close working relationships with top venues in Las Vegas. Contact us regarding your next special event and let us provide you with the service and experience that you deserve.

Incentive Travel Packages

Many of the most successful organizations in the World are supporters of Incentive Travel Packages as a method of encouraging and rewarding employees while increasing overall company goodwill at the same time. Sin City VIP can assist your company in developing corporate incentive travel packages to excite and stimulate your organization and provide an amazing travel experience to those who are fortunate enough to earn the package.

Sin City VIP can provide a wide variety of Incentive Travel Packages featuring the best of Las Vegas and including the best available travel arrangements, entertainment, recreation and more. Our travel professionals will work with your organization to develop the appropriate travel giveaway package to meet your needs as well as your budget.

A Travel Incentive Package from Sin City VIP is essentially an all inclusive vacation package that has been tailor made to meet the needs of the organization who is giving it away and is prepackaged in a way that it can be redeemed and enjoyed by whomever the recipient may be. Your organization’s incentive travel package can include air, hotel, transportation, entertainment, recreational activities and more.

An amazing tool for creating excitement and recognition within a business organization, a corporate travel incentive package from Sin City VIP Executive Services is certain to achieve the results that you are looking for, not to mention providing your recipient with a World Class travel experience.

Multimedia Services

Creating successful and memorable experiences is what Sin City VIP does for clients and incorporating the use of Sin City VIP’s Multimedia Services is an amazing way to make those memories last a lifetime. What better way to bring memories to life that to have your travel program documented, edited and presented to your group to enjoy through the ages.

Sin City VIP offers photography, videography, editing and production to create a customized chronicle of your travel event that you can share with friends and family for years to come. These services can be just as valuable for business clients as it can be for leisure groups, providing your company with high quality media (photo & video) that can be incorporated into company website, newsletters, marketing materials and more.

With a customized travel program by Sin City VIP, you can choose the multimedia services that work for you and meet your needs. From simple action shots of your group out on the town to an edited DVD of your entire travel experience, Sin City VIP can create the memories that you are looking for and present them to you in an elegant and professional manner.

A great addition to any custom travel package, special event, convention booth or company party, multimedia services from Sin City VIP always showcase the latest in imaging and production technology along with the World Class Service that we are known for. Ask your Sin City VIP travel professional how multimedia services can enhance your upcoming travel program.