Kid friendly things to do in Las Vegas

Family and kid friendly things to do in Las Vegas

Shane Green Inside Las Vegas

You have been visiting Las Vegas every few years for a couple of decades now. When you were younger, you and your crew would hit the strip as real Vegas VIP’s. Club hopping with express entry and the best bottle service you and the boys could afford. When you met your wife to be your friends “dragged” you to the Sin City for a wild Bachelor Party weekend. Even after you got married, you visited Las Vegas with your wife and visited a gentleman’s club together!

Visiting Las Vegas has treated you well over the years. You are itching to come back again, but now you have kids. This year your wife insists that they go with you or the trip is off! Wow, what can you do? Perhaps your seven year old could run your draft board at your 2019 fantasy football draft party? Please don’t suggest that to your wife or you may end up throwing a Las Vegas divorce party instead!

Don’t panic; you can still make this year’s trip happen. Vegas has changed baby! The entire area has evolved into a playland for both adults and families with children. The best part is a lot of activities are free, and those that aren’t won’t break the bank – yes you will have plenty of money to hit the casino when the kids go to bed. As a family you can enjoy shopping, dining, shows, museums, and countless indoor and outdoor attractions. There is so much to do you couldn’t possibly do it all in one trip. We have the key to Vegas trips with the kids for many years to come. Well, to be honest, we had to tap a friend for help with this one. Our name Sin City VIP doesn’t exactly scream “kid-friendly” does it?

Let us introduce you to the brilliant minds at Las Vegas Unzipped. They put together an extensive collection of things to do in Las Vegas that are family and kid friendly. We imagine it took them a lot of time and a lot of “little” feet on the ground to check these things out. We aren’t talking a dozen activities; this is a list of ONE HUNDRED things to do in Vegas with the family! Yes, go ahead and start planning with the guide 100 Things to do in Las Vegas with kids. It looks like you will be making that trip after all thanks to them!

When you are done planning the kid’s vacation stop by and see us to schedule some adult fun as well. We will see you soon!