How to spend a Vegas Nightclub $5k minimum

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For anyone who buys bottles at the nightclubs in Las Vegas the location of the VIP table is of utmost importance to the VIP experience of it all. Every day and night in Las Vegas there are hot nightclubs and pool parties that offer VIP entry and premium seating for your group to party next to some of the sexiest party people on the strip. Special performances from superstar DJ’s and music’s biggest headline celebrities command top dollar for VIP table and bottle service reservations.

A question we often get asked is how to spend a Vegas nightclub minimum. Yes the first time a club host tells you there is a $5,000 minimum spend it may come as a shock. Bottle services reservations generally start around a $1,000 minimum spend or 2 premium bottles. With the $5k minimum you are faced with the idea of drinking 10 bottles at the club but that’s not it. Not only are you paying for the real estate but you’re paying to be part of the show. The dance floor tables in Las Vegas have the hottest cocktail servers in the club and the way you spend your huge bar tab with them is what makes you the rockstar of the party!

It is best to start the party with a Magnum bottle of vodka, a bottle of Patron (that’s right, shots all night), plenty of Red Bull and all the juices, sodas and tonics that anybody at your table may prefer. Your cocktail server will have different bottle presentation options depending on what you order. Your ridiculously large bottle of liquor will be delivered by a lineup of hottie cocktail servers with flashing lights, sparklers and surprises.

Las Vegas is also famous for spraying champagne and that’s exactly what happens when you are killing it in a $5k VIP table. The Vegas bottle poppers are usually pretty good at getting the champagne party going and there may even be specials on champagne that’s purchased for spraying rather than drinking. It’s usually best to put on the champagne show later in the night (after 2am) when the party is ready for it! It’s also not a bad idea to have a couple bottles of Perrier-Jouet Rose brought to your table for celebration, toasting and enjoying; don’t waste a drop of the delicious bubbly!

It is best to let the cocktail server lead the way, she knows how to have the coolest table at the club and if you treat her right she will make the night so much better for guys and girls. Any group that reserves a bottle service VIP table in Las Vegas needs to bring the party and make sure they are in tuned with the vibe of the club and their location in a dance floor VIP table.

The final aspect of the $5k table is the $5,000. That’s right, somebody has to pay the bill and it’s going to be more than $5,000. It is usually the case that the person paying the bill is comfortable with the amount and not allowing payment to put a damper on the experience. Gratuity is everything in Vegas so be prepared to be the big shot you signed up to be when you said yes to the $5,000 table! How do you do it? Start by slapping $100 on the doorman and $300 on the host that walks you in. Tip the security guard in your VIP section and your bus boys with cash, $20 each at least. The server will already know that you’re going to do the right thing but don’t let her take you way over the minimum if you don’t want to. Sales tax is 8.1% and standard gratuity for your cocktail server is 20%. All together an event such as this can cost $7,000 or more but the memory will last a lifetime (or maybe just until next weekend).

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