Caesars Palace

The most famous of all the resorts and casinos is Caesars Palace Las Vegas. When you consider that Vegas is regarded by many around the globe as the Entertainment Capital of the World you can bet you’re in for an amazingly classy retreat when you visit this world-class luxury resort. Located at the center of the famous Vegas Strip and covering well over 85-acres, Caesars Palace sets the bar for all the rest in the City of Sin.

With the name Caesar attached to its title there is a lot to live up to and this “Palace” is truly the upper echelon of places to go in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace features anything, everything, and more in terms of service, entertainment, luxury, classiness, fine dining, shows, gambling, and tourism.

It starts with being the place to stay, continues by being the place to enjoy more than you can bite off with one visit to Vegas, and ends with…well it doesn’t really end to be truthful! So get ready because by staying at this world-famous resort & casino you are taking part in tradition and history.

There are over 3,300 rooms, this includes several of the best suites in Las Vegas, and also you will find 25 unique cafes and restaurants, a four and a half acre Garden of the Gods pool and garden area, 50,000 square-feet of spa & bath enjoyment, and also the acclaimed Colosseum which holds about 4,100 people and hosts famous celebrity entertainers such as Jerry Seinfield, Elton John, Bette Midler, Celine Dion and more.

Considered again by many as the most prestigious getaway spot in the world in terms of resorts & casinos, Caesars Palace also has award-winning service and several other amenities that you will quickly get accustomed with when you book your Las Vegas VIP package with Sin City VIP services.

Amenities include but are not limited to large business centers and banquets, fine dining, gambling, a shopping area, museums and the Colosseum Theatre, state-of-the-art fitness centers, child programs, several different pool areas, executive VIP treatments, golfing packages, and a fantastic one of a kind spa facility.

Some of the Caesars Palace Casino highlights are that it features more than 129,000 square feet of gambling area. This area plays host to high-limit slot machines and every table game you can think of! Get your roll on and see what you can win at the always special Caesar Casino!

With several new additions and expansions Caesars Palace Resort & Casino will certainly take your breath away and leave you wondering how there could possibly be this much to do in one location!

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Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Resort & Casino